Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography

Dreaming of a beautiful brand for your business? Do you look at Pinterest and think, “I want that!” It all starts with you and your brand, and we will help you get to the bottom of what that looks like.

But first things first. What’s the difference between Personal Branding and business headshots? Here’s how I look at it.

Personal Branding Photography:  Business coaches, stylists, therapists, lawyers, influencers, real estate agents, all need very specific images to communicate their brand to customers. There are thousands of therapists in Los Angeles, so why would I go to you over one of the others? Your message, your professionalism, your style should be showcased in your images.

Personal Branding Photography showcases what your business is all about because it all starts with YOU. Your experience, your unique approach, your talents, and what makes your business special are all communicated through your brand.

Show Yourself In Action

Show your clients what you do and what working with you might be like. This is their chance to get a peek behind the curtain and imagine themselves as your client. Personal Branding Photography is more than just headshots, it’s showcasing a lifestyle, an experience, or the results of investing in your company. Create your unique brand image style with our Signature 5-steps Process.

Business Headshots

If you have a job, that’s one thing, but if you want a career, then this is where you begin – showing the world why you stand apart from the crowd. Business headshots that showcase your personality and who you want to be in your career in the next 5 years are critical. Look like the job you want, not the job you have.

It All Starts With The Brand

Sure, you could come to my studio and I could take a pretty picture, but what would those pictures say about your business?

What sets Simpson Portraits apart is that we spend 90 minutes talking about your brand, weeks before your session. We unpack who your target client is, what is unique about you and your company, what sets your business apart from your competition, what kinds of marketing you do, and even what is standing in your way of wild success.

We talk about locations, colors, backdrops, poses, body language and how you want clients to feel about your business. Then we talk about clothes, accessories, hair & makeup, and what kind of props to use in your images. Finally, we talk about worries you may have, concerns about being photographed, and what you dream for your business in 5 years.

This is a full service brand image workshopping before we even take out a camera, and this is what will ensure that your photographs are EXACTLY what you were dreaming about!

Everyone Can Have A Beautiful Brand

I believe that everyone can have a beautiful brand and look fantastic in pictures. There’s no such thing as photogenic, it’s just comfort in front of the camera, and that’s MY job, not yours. Wild success and a beautiful brand can be yours. Take a look at our Client Stories and see what these amazing people are doing. They started where you are and now have the brands of their dreams.

Still not convinced? Jump over to our Before & Afters page. These images are barely retouched. They were created with beautiful light, a flattering pose, and the right smile. I even put myself in there. Can you spot me??

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Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!

Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!