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Our exclusive BrandRetreats offer a whole new way of thinking about your business. A combination of masterminding and personal branding and lifestyle photography shoot, this all-encompassing luxury getaway to allow you to work ON your business instead of IN your business. No two retreats will be the same, as each will provide different masterminding partners, exciting new locations, and a whole new feel for each BrandRetreat.


What is masterminding? A Mastermind is a group of peers, sometimes with a leader, who come together to brainstorm ideas, get support, think through a problem, and provide accountability so you can reach your goals.

Masterminds can be incredibly powerful. We all get stuck in the day-to-day of our businesses, but it can be challenging to set our Big Scary Goals (BSG) and carve out the time to actually reach them. Knowing you have made a commitment to the group to reach the goals you set, it creates a very powerful level of accountability, giving you a renewed sense of motivation to get them done.

At our BrandRetreats, you will be masterminding with other business owners. It is critical that you use your knowledge and areas of expertise to encourage and advise your fellow business owners- there is a direct correlation between the effort you put into this program and the impact on your business. Knowing that some small thing you say could spark an idea that could change someone’s life is part of the responsibility of masterminding.

New business owners and veterans alike can learn equally from each other. A fresh perspective can change everything. It can also change YOU, knowing that no matter how much experience you have, your ideas can be of value to someone else.

Photography Shoot

A critical part of your brand is YOU, and we will highlight you through photography; both in headshot-style portraits that present you as a business owner and through lifestyle photography, where your clients can see you in action. We will collaborate to create the visual brand that is right for your business.

During the retreat, you will have a brand-customized lifestyle and a headshot shoot with professional hair and makeup. The other members of your mastermind will serve as extras for your shoot – showing you interacting with clients, speaking to a group, and even in a cocktail party kind of environment. This is your chance to shine! In return, you will be an extra for their shoot.

You will come away with our full Branding Suite and Lifestyle Package, new connections, and the brand image of your dreams.

Upcoming Retreats

Gorgeous Locations

We have chosen incredibly gorgeous homes give a luxury feel to your business, highlighting your success and your attracting your ideal client. Whether you are creating a lifestyle brand as an influencer, or showcasing your business product line or service, these incredible locations will help create the mood for your brand.

If you are already based in Los Angeles, you can show your clients that you are deeply connected with the area that you serve.

We will be hosting retreats around the globe. If you have a dream location in mind, contact us and we will see if it is a right fit!

Is This Right For You?

If you are motivated and interested in growing your businesses and defining your brand, then this is the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you are a 20-year veteran in your business. We can still learn from each other.

Do you want to connect with amazing business owners to exchange knowledge and gain new perspectives?

Do you want to update or create your brand with the support of people who truly want you to succeed?

Do you find it challenging to reach your goals? Will 2-days away from your business give you the time you need to make headway on your BSG’s?

Delicious Food

Brilliant minds need delicious and healthy fuel! All food is included during your 2-days with us. We will be serving healthy options to keep your minds and bodies working at top performance levels. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate them.

Customize A Retreat For Your Team!

We love collaborating with businesses who want to use the photo shoot retreat experience as a team building exercise, or a way to connect with other influencers. We can customize a retreat at a location style of your choice, so you can bring your team together, invite speakers, share your vision, brainstorm about strategy, and have an off-site experience that engages everyone.

All participants will receive beautifully-customized portraits, lifestyle images, and even product shots while you build your business together. This is a perfect experience for realtors, management teams, influencers, and business owners who work under the umbrella of a company or brand.

Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!

Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!