Are you among the many hundreds of people around the world who believe that some people are naturally great in front of a camera – that they are ‘photogenic’? It does seem, doesn’t it, that there are some people that the camera seems to love, especially when you look at professional portrait photography? Well, you couldn’t be further away from the facts.

Yes, it’s true that some people may have a flair for posing correctly and showing off their best features, and that photographing them may be easier. This could be out of practice, or instinct. However, it does not for a minute mean that only they can be photographed well.

There are basically two types of people who feel they don’t ‘photograph well’:

  • Those who are shy by nature, and feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous when a stranger is brandishing a camera at them, and end up with awkward smiles or strange expressions.
  • Those who are way too excited and animated and can’t seem to sit still; there are so many expressions appearing on the face that it’s difficult to capture a single good one!

Now the good news is that even these people can be made to look jaw-droppingly amazing in a photograph. Radiant smiles, best profiles, sultry pouts – you name it, it can be done. Yes, your seemingly plain Jane next door can be photographed like a Diva; because capturing your best features and portraying them is in the hands of the photographer. Not the subject, not the camera, but the photographer. True, it takes more effort to produce spectacular results with such individuals – but it is very much possible.

I agree; it’s not easy for everyone to pose in front of a stranger – or even a friend. But a truly great photographer empathizes with the person to be photographed. They succeed in putting the person absolutely at ease, AND in getting them to listen to what they say – about how to pose, and the facial expression, mostly.

A great photographer knows what beauty is – and will hold your hand and lead you to it. Take high school senior photographers for instance: children at this age are naturally awkward; they’re confused about their physical and emotional selves, and can be quite difficult to portray well. But if you’ve observed high school pictures carefully, you’ll see that for the most part they look great – and that’s the photographer’s achievement.

Getting portraits can do loads for your self-confidence; so what’s stopping you from getting to a professional photography studio now?