The Experience

Create the brand you’ve always wanted!

You’ve got a plan! You’ve got a business you love, and you’re ready to ratchet your brand up to the next level. It’s time to take the leap and show who you are in your business.

Here’s how it works

It all starts with your brand. To become crystal clear about your brand we will talk about your business, product offerings, ideal clients, style, and big scary goals. This in-depth conversation will be the foundation for your photo shoot and together, we design your brand identity and what it will look like. Next, we will talk about clothes, accessories, colors, shoes, how to prepare for your shoot, and logistics. Looking for custom prop or product shots for your social media? We will talk about the best looks to support your brand identity. We will schedule your portrait photography session, and I will pose you right down to your pinky. After your session, we will have a reveal appointment, where we will talk about each of your images and how you can use them for your marketing.
Use our contact form or click the link below to schedule a 15-minute phone call with me. We will talk about your business, brand, photography needs, and how I can be of help.

Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! I work with wonderful professional hair and makeup artists who will talk to you about your favorite looks, about your skin, and how you would love to have your hair styled. They are highly trained to work in natural light photography and will make you look beautiful. Communication is the most important thing with this process. It’s not about how we think you should look, but about what makes you feel beautiful. If you don’t like something with your hair and makeup, no problem, we will change it until you’re super happy.

I’m nervous about not looking like myself

It’s not our job to make you look like someone else. You want to look great, like yourself, and most importantly, like the perfect representative of your businesses. In order to be confident presenting yourself to the world, you need to LOVE your portraits. It’s our job to bring out YOUR version of beauty. There are a thousand ways we could style you and do your hair and makeup, but they might not be YOUR brand of beauty. This is your session and we want to get to know you so we can make you feel amazing. Communication is key. Talking in advance about hair and makeup, clothes, styles you like, and what you’re like as a person helps us to uncover the very best of you. With Photoshop, my philosophy is that less is more. I want you to feel beautiful as you are. Most of my work is done through beautiful lighting, posing, and lens choice. I will do minor tweaks in Photoshop, making sure your skin looks beautiful, but still like skin. If you want for additional changes, I’m happy to do whatever you like.

I want to book a session, but not until I lose 20 pounds

I can help you look 20 pounds lighter just with posing. The thing is, it’s important to feel great as we are right now. Life will pass us by if we keep waiting for perfection to arrive (I’ve been waiting for YEARS). Interestingly, I’ve found that my clients sometimes lose weight after their session because they feel great about themselves and that gives the confidence and determination to shed the weight. I also hear, “I don’t like my chin,” or “I’m self-conscious about my wrinkles. ” These are things I easily address in posing, lighting, and in Photoshop. Don’t let the small things stand in your way of feeling beautiful TODAY.

Men are just as nervous as women

Interestingly, men are just as nervous about looking good in portraits as women are. The lighting is different, designed to bring out chiseled features, and the posing is crafted to bring out masculine energy, but the feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness are the same. Never fear, we will pose you right down to your fingers so you look handsome, and like yourself.

My house doesn’t look like Pinterest, help!

Check out our RETREATS! You’ll have a chance to show off your brand in a gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy luxury home.

Do you photograph families?

Yes. I love photographing families. I have 2 young children and love to photograph kids of all ages. Generally, we do a separate session for family photography, so we don’t wear out the kids.

Where are you located?

Our primary studio is in Glendora, CA, and we often add a second location, such as a local forest and around-town shots at Glendora Village. If you are interested in a particular location for your session, let me know and we will figure out a way to make it work.

Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!

Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Zoom Video Conferences Calls and never miss out on any of our upcoming styles or deals again!