So you have your beautifully branded images of you… now what?!

Many of my clients feel intimidated by the ever changing nature of digital marketing on the  various social media platforms, but never fear! With 5 hours a month and 20 images of you, you can create an easy-to-execute visibility campaign.

Here are a few posts ideas that you can customize each month for your industry and client base:

Give a fascinating fact about your industry – This will educate your client and help show your expertise!

Inspire your audience – share a quote that spoke to you or made you feel powerful!

Keep your supporters updated – let your audience celebrate recent successes with you and give your most loyal followers sneak peeks into upcoming projects or priority access to special deals.

Spread some wisdom – talk about a piece of great advice you received that changed your view on your work or industry.

Provide a testimonial – Tell a story about a client who had great success working with you and include their perspective if possible. You can read how we do this on our Client Stories page.

Highlight your Product – really demonstrate what you can offer a potential client and take the time to explain why they should choose your business (this is where your personally branded product and ‘flavor’ images come in handy)!

Humanize yourself – we would all much rather do business with a person who understands our needs than a faceless company logo. Personal branding photography can definitely help to showcase the personality you bring to your business, but it’s always nice to add fun facts that let your clients get to know you! (Did you know that I eat popcorn with a spoon?)

Reference Relevant Happeningings – if a current event or recent law or local social change impacted your business or industry, talk about it! Clients will be interested to learn about how some happening they are aware of is potentially impacting the world around them in a way they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Or maybe this event is impacting them directly and they don’t even know it yet!

Shout Outs – if a client is awesome things with the help of your business or an employee is contributing to the advancement or your industry or company, show how great the people you work with are!

Highlight Great Successes and Challenges – if you just finished the hardest project you’ve faced or if you have just started your favorite project so far, share those great successes and challenges with your audience!

Expose your Process – don’t be afraid to show the difficulties that arise in your work. It makes it all that much more meaningful to your clients when you assure them that you are the expert who can work through any challenge that may arise in your industry

Curated Content – share an industry relevant article that you enjoyed or an field specific and informative book that caught your interest.