Who Am I?

Stacie Crumbaker

Real Estate Agent

When I first met Stacie, she had recently moved to California from Chicago where she sold her business, became a real estate agent, cut her hair, and had a baby boy. Wow. That would throw anyone off balance! Establishing herself as a high-end real estate agent in Southern California where there are thousands of realtors was a challenge, but the real challenge for her was figuring out who she was when so much of her life had turned upside down. The Problem: When nothing in your life is the same as it was a year ago, how do you redefine yourself in a crowded and competitive industry? The Brief: Create a high-end Branding Suite of images for use in attracting home buyers and sellers. Formerly in national fashion and jewelry sales, Stacie wanted a brand that would show off her style, and create the connection with potential clients. The Solution: Acceptance, self-love, and feeling beautiful are surprisingly important ingredients in the recipe of running a business. Anyone who has had a baby knows that there is a huge shift in self-identity. Our bodies change, and suddenly don’t belong to us anymore. Our priorities, daily schedule, and self-care routines are shifted. The key is to give ourselves some time to adjust. Stacie needed a minute to connect with herself and her photographs and that’s OK. We made beautiful images that were exactly what she wanted for her fashion-inspired real estate brand, and by giving herself some time, she was able to connect to this new, reinvented woman she had become.