Photography of Photographers

I am a member of an extraordinary Mastermind group made up of 7 renowned and award-winning photographers from all around the country. Together, we brainstorm, support each other, and now we also meet for semi-annual personal branding and masterminding retreats.

As photographers, it can be a challenge to get great personal branding photographs of ourselves in action. This can be the same challenge for all kinds of entrepreneurs – how can we show ourselves in action to our clients?

I am now hosting branding retreats for all kinds of business owners, and each of the attendants acting as clients and partners in showing off what you do.

Who are these amazing women in my Mastermind?

    • Megan DiPiero, Fort Myers, FL
    • Andi Diamond, Tampa, FL
    • Caitlyn Bom, Syracuse, NY and West Palm Beach, FL
    • Ksenia Verdiyan, Boston, NY
    • Lexi Murzea, San Antonio, TX
    • Tamara Knight, Orlando, FL
    • Stephanie Simpson, Glendora, CA

The Problem: When you’re a photographer, how do you take beautiful pictures of yourself in action that match your photographic style? All photographers have this problem. We are always the person behind the camera and are often uncomfortable taking center stage. It is also challenging to find a photographer who can photograph us in our style.

The Brief: Take pictures of photographers taking pictures, along with business-owner portraits, for use in our individual social media, websites, newsletters and marketing campaigns.

The Solution: A personal branding retreat was the solution. I now offer these for all kinds of business owners, along with masterminding.