Flowers As Fashion

Dalel Snider

Florist & Owner of Los Angeles Floral Culture

Los Angeles Floral Couture started as a typical neighborhood flower shop called Glendora Florist. In business for many years before being purchased by Dalel Snider, it had a reputation for high quality flower arrangements but only served the local community. When Dalel took over, she wanted to transform it into the premiere floral design company of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Doing away with TelaFlora and creating unique designs was only the beginning. A second brand was born – Los Angeles Floral Couture, along with a new business model and loftier goals. The Problem: How do you make flowers into a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci? The Brief: Create a brand style that merges floral couture with fashion couture. The Solution: What all the best luxury brands have in common is a visionary head to the company. By lifting Dalel up to the status of a fashion designer and making her (not the flowers) the center of the company’s brand, she automatically differentiated herself from her competitors. We channeled Michael Kors, Vogue, and merchandising in designer shops like Louis Vuitton to create a couture brand unlike any other floral shop. Dalel and I also created Vogue-style ads to hang in her shop and run in high-end Los Angeles magazines, along with editorials (and covers) in magazines such as Ceremony Magazine and The Knot. The result was a dramatic increase in her revenue and a reputation that rivaled the finest florists in California.