Hitting the Refresh Button

Larry Block

Family Attorney

Has this happened to you? You build our website, take a deep breath, and then we don’t give it much attention until the day we realize it no longer reflects who we want to be in our business. This has happened to me, and it happened to the family attorney, Larry Block. It was time to revitalize his brand. The Problem: Larry had two problems, he was attracting the wrong client, and he needed to present himself in different ways to different audiences. A family looking to adopt, a woman wanting a divorce, a man looking for paternity rights are very different kinds of clients but are all clients Larry serves in his family law business. The Brief: Create a very diverse set of images that would appeal to particular audiences, and within those looks, create different formats for web banners, landing pages, social media, and online advertising. As someone who leads amongst local lawyers and who is passionate about social justice causes involving children, Larry also wanted images that could be used in his charitable and legal industry activities. The Solution: After two lengthy branding consultations, Larry and I defined his ideal clients, looked at the websites of his competitors and how they presented themselves, and identified all his marketing strategies. We discovered that all his competitors were photographed with legal books as the backdrop, their arms crossed, covered in a list of all their many credentials. We decided to go a different direction. Larry has amazing credentials and experience, but most people wants to hire someone they feel will understand them and will solve their problems. It’s not about credentials, it’s about connection. We created images that would help connect Larry to potential clients and show that he is here to help. For clothes, we selected a variety of looks, ranging from jeans and a button-down, to a suit and tie. We chose a variety of backdrops to give different moods, plus a trip out on the street for a relatable feel.