Branding Brilliance

JuliAnn Stitick

Personal Branding Expert

I first met JuliAnn when I needed help with my brand. I have a very hard time seeing my own business objectively and reached out for help. After an incredible experience working with her, I felt like her own personal branding images didn’t capture her approachability, empathy, and kindness. Her images showed her as smart, capable, and ready to get down to business (all are a big part of who she is), but missing was showing off her great big heart. The Problem: How to keep an ever-evolving brand fresh and up-to-date. The Brief: Keeping the brand fresh with a steady stream of images for use on book covers, website, public speaking, blogs, client outreach, print marketing, newsletters, and social media. All of these marketing channels need different formats, moods, colors, and objectives. The Solution: Quarterly Photo Shoots! When you are the face of your brand, and branding is your business, the images need to be regularly refreshed, updated, and focused upon the marketing objectives for the quarter. JuliAnn is always on the hunt for new outfits that express different moods and sides of her brand. Each session has different objectives, styles, and even locations, to keep everything fresh.