Marketing your Brain

Mike Weil

Owner of Insights for Less

Mike is an analyst who conducts focus groups and research for tech and automotive companies to give them a sense of why people love their brands (or don’t love them). He studies the data and gains insight into what’s going on and can glean information from the kinds of questions he asks that are different from all the other companies. The Problem: How do you photograph the spirit of an analyst? With no product to show, how do you showcase personality? What can you do to make statistics visually interesting? The Brief: When I first met Mike, I had seen his website but had no real sense of what he was actually offering. There were pictures of cars and talk about data. Huh? He was also nowhere to be seen on the website, so I had no idea what to think about his company, Insights for Less. Mike needed to be present on his website. During his strategizing session, we did some digging into the nuts and bolts of his job, his strengths, and his target market. Through our conversation, we uncovered the root of his service and were able to develop a visual style that told his story. Applying that style, Mike needed a full Branding Suite of images to appeal to a diverse range of clients and industries. The Solution: I realized that Mike’s real product is his brain. His brilliance and expert opinions function in the way a product would. This offers a unique selling perspective for him and his clients. No one else in the industry is able to devise the questions he does or unveil the happenings of a company through data analysis with the same success. So, visually, how do you showcase someone’s brain and intellect? You give them lots of thinking room. I photographed Mike with lots of space around his body, framing the pictures to subtly tell the audience that he’s smart and there is so much going on in his brain, we have to zoom out the shot to make room for his big thoughts.