Meditation Maven

Jen Dial

Owner and Meditation Guide at Dial Meditation Method

Jen Dial has an absolutely electric personality. You notice her immediately when you walk into a crowded room because she radiates such positivity and life. A long-time practitioner of meditation, Jen created an effective meditation method and decided to create a business that brings her unique technique to other meditation enthusiasts and those who want to learn more… As she began to build her website, she came to me for images that truly captured her energy. Jen was very nervous about the photo shoot was worried that her pictures wouldn’t feel like her. It had been a constant problem in her life that photographs never properly reflected her personality and life force. I could feel her anxiety over the phone during our first conversation, but that never phases me. The Problem: How can you showcase a person’s electric personality while simultaneously capturing the serenity of their work? How do you connect to someone with their eyes closed and avoid boring your audience? The Brief: Create a branding package that will launch all Jen’s social media channels, website, and overall business brand. She will leave with a toolkit of digital products for download, as well as Facebook ads for podcasts and events. They must showcase Jen’s lifeforce, personality, and her brand of pretty. The Solution: We chose to do a 2-location session, with looks in studio and on location in a beautiful forest. We chose all light and bright images in studio using backlight so the images had an ethereal quality. In the forest, we made use of the height of the trees to indicate thinking space above. We selected a coral-colored dress to contrast the greens and browns of the forest and to make Jen stand out in a visually-busy environment.