Bringing Personality to a Colorless Industry

Dena Oberst CEO and Sales Tax Expert  Passion is infectious. If you share your passion with us, we cannot help but be drawn to you and want to have a little of your intensity rub off on us. It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, whether it’s football or Dungeons and Dragons, or in my client, Dena Oberst’s case–sales tax! That’s right, sales tax. Dena Oberst is the founder and CEO of Gable Tax Group based in Southern California. When Dena and I had our first pre-photoshoot consultation, she lit up like a Christmas Tree when talking about her company, which advises businesses about sales tax. With the recent changes in regulations, corporations and small businesses are paying much more attention to sales tax and Dena is the perfect person to advise them. Saving money, solving problems for her clients, and finding that very last penny is what she lives for. Mentoring young female professionals and helping them navigate complex corporate waters is also a passion point for Dena. The Problem: How do you make sales tax interesting and help a newer company stand out amongst the competition? The Solution: The solution lies in passion and differentiation. When you think about elite national tax preparation companies, you immediately think of men in brown suits. You think about large, marble buildings, boring conversations, stale presentations, graphs and paperwork. The last thing you’d think about would be a passionate, colorful and modern approach to sales tax. Dena lights up the room when talking about sales tax and genuinely cares about her clients’ needs and companies. Taking advantage of her love of bright colors and feminine business attire, we developed a brand image style putting Dena at the forefront. Showing who you are and why you are different from the competition is key to being memorable. The Contact: If you are in the market for sales tax support with your corporation or small business, please visit Dena at