I am not a systems-type person… which is why it’s a big statement for me to say: 2019 is the Year of Systems! In general, I am a creative and relationship type of person, so logical thinking, systems, and routines do not come naturally to me. Sure, I can do the work, but it is an effort. I have come to realize that my work life, and in turn, my personal life will be so much better if I can create and stick to systems for the work I do. As I get busier, I am no longer able to wing my schedule, and need routines to keep things together. Even if you are a systems person, there are always ways to do things better, create automations, and delegate more effectively. To get things started, I have created a system to create better systems. I want to accomplish great things this year, so my time needs structure and substance. This year, I will be able to create ways of running my business that will transform my work life, my income, and how I spend my time. Sound interesting to you? If you’d like to participate, join in my Facebook Group – “Building Beautiful Brands for Movers & Shakers”. The group is designed specifically for my clients and those interested in branding, photography, and image strategy. Our goal is to create a rich and engaged community of business owners and professionals who can ask questions, offer insight, and learn about what is happening on the cutting edge of personal branding. Our first project is The Year of Systems, and this year, we will also cover how to establish your brand, what it should look like, how to prep for a photo shoot, stock photography, and tools for image marketing. And we would love for you to join in. To get started, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/565751847276088/about/   

My Brainstorming Board - Year of Systems

There’s nothing like thinking things through the old fashion way… paper and pen! These sticky notes near my desk act as a working reminder and accountability check. I am excited about the new challenge to focus on the systems that will inspire a more productive and lucrative year! This is a personal and inside look into one piece of my 2019 masterplan. What started as a tiny spark of an idea and some frantically scribbled post its has developed into a rich year worth of business growth and personal improvement. This may be a sneak peak into the future of your success if you choose to embark on this journey of efficiency with us!