We can all look great in pictures and the secret boils down to one thing…
being comfortable in front of the camera.

The good news is, helping you become comfortable in front of the camera is my job. I specialize in working with people who don’t like being photographed, and encouraging people to transform into their best self right in front of my lens is my superpower.

As you may have read in my blog, I think our society places too much value and belief in the idea that certain people were born photogenic (and it’s usually not ourselves)!

I don’t believe that there is some special phenomenon that makes one face look better than another in a 2-dimensional medium. Sure, there are random standards of beauty in our culture that shift over time. For a few years it might be big lips, and then alien eyes, no booty, huge booty, dramatic cheekbones, it is ever shifting. But photogenic? Nope, I don’t believe it. 

You can read more in my blog post about how to make sure that myth doesn’t stop you from giving yourself the opportunity to have beautiful images.

Your audience can see it if you’re feeling uncomfortable in a picture. We can also see it if you are feeling good and looking like your natural, happy self.
We recognize authenticity when we see it.

Every client needs something different from me to help get comfortable. For some, they need me to talk talk talk, others like education, some need energy, and others need me to be super calm and gentle. I never know what someone will need until they are standing in front of my camera. It’s all instinct. I never think about this stuff, it just happens.

Posing, expression, lens, lighting, hair and makeup are other tools in my belt. We talk about it, look at the back of the camera, and identify what feels attractive to you and what feels on brand, or sometimes just what feels right! It’s both a collaboration and a guided process designed to help you feel great and build the brand of your dreams.

So cross being photogenic off your list of things to worry about and step out in front of the camera to boldly become the face of your business.